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The Best Shisha Tutorial

Check out our new price drop, Pipes from £21.99, Bundles from £33.99 and Flavours from £3.89! Get 10% OFF your order with us using code 'ten' Want to make your own shisha? So you want to know how to set up your own Shisha/Hookah? Look no further. We were all newbies before, and now we've all come together to make a simple but quality tutorial to guarantee you a thick, ice cold smoke. Follow our steps and achieve Shisha perfection.  You will instantly realise that your set-up provides you with a better smoke than your local lounge! Please note: For this tutorial we will use a 'bundle' so we know what components you will have but you may use this...

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A Warm Welcome!

A Warm Welcome! We don't know how you've stumbled upon our blog post but now that you're here we would like to say Hi! Welcome to CloudKings - Kings Of Smoke. By the name, tagline or banner above, I reckon you've realised what we're about... if not, let me give you a quick insider into the family. August 2016. Take 3 people, sit them around a table with piles of food and drink. One thing is missing, a nice ice-cold Shisha to go alongside the warm, sunny evening. The choice of going to our local lounge and paying for a half-measure Shisha wasn't really an option, neither did we fancy it. Instead, we head online to see what options we...

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