A Warm Welcome!

A Warm Welcome!

We don't know how you've stumbled upon our blog post but now that you're here we would like to say Hi! Welcome to CloudKings - Kings Of Smoke. By the name, tagline or banner above, I reckon you've realised what we're about... if not, let me give you a quick insider into the family.

August 2016. Take 3 people, sit them around a table with piles of food and drink. One thing is missing, a nice ice-cold Shisha to go alongside the warm, sunny evening. The choice of going to our local lounge and paying for a half-measure Shisha wasn't really an option, neither did we fancy it. Instead, we head online to see what options we had for getting a smoke in the comfort of our own home.

The Issue

A quick eBay search left us with our heads scratching. Either the pipes were overpriced, low-quality or even just a bit weird in design. A standalone google search didn't help either, the prices didn't give us the smoke we wanted.

Then, we had an idea.

We believe in high-quality products, products we would use ourselves on a daily basis. 

We also believed that the lounges made too much, so we found the right prices that we would happily pay.

Also... we love what we do! We wanted to build a customer service team to tackle any issue, offer any advice and discuss cool, new ideas.

The Right Prices


Per Flavour


Each batch is quality tested among us. 50g of Shisha for 5-6 sessions at 3.99, you can't go wrong. 


Per Pipe

Shisha Pipes

Each pipe is hand-designed, tested and quality inspected. A tall height and polished to order.


Per Bundle


1 Pipe, 100g Shisha, 30 Coals, even foil is included. Everything you will need for at-least 10 sessions.

3 Steps to Smoke


Create an account, make an order (with free delivery!) and collect loyalty points. Let us do the legwork after that.


Sit back, have some tea while we receive your request, package items and send them off with Next-Day delivery as standard.


The package arrives at your door. Follow our online tutorial (If you would like to) and enjoy your ice-cold smoke.

Happy Customers

"Customer service sorted me out when I had a few questions on setting it up and I get a better smoke myself than at a lounge! Great service". A happy customer who purchased our Sultan Bundle.

Hasan, Bath UK

"The pipe was brand new and sealed, the coal was huge and lasted me like 2 hours for each coal". This is from our Facebook Giveaway, where a lucky winner took home a Sultan Bundle, Shipped free.

Ibrahim, The Hague NL

We hope this post gives you a little insight into our world. Go ahead and check out the full range of products at CloudKings - Kings Of Smoke and don't forget to use offer code 'TEN' at checkout for 10% off your next order!

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