The Best Shisha Tutorial

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Want to make your own shisha?

So you want to know how to set up your own Shisha/Hookah? Look no further. We were all newbies before, and now we've all come together to make a simple but quality tutorial to guarantee you a thick, ice cold smoke.

Follow our steps and achieve Shisha perfection.  You will instantly realise that your set-up provides you with a better smoke than your local lounge!

Please note: For this tutorial we will use a 'bundle' so we know what components you will have but you may use this tutorial for any pipe configuration!


  • Shisha Pipe (Glass base, Stem, Metal tray, Claypot, Hose, Grommets - Rubber seals)
  • Shisha Molasses
  • Coal (Instant or Standard Coconut)
  • Tongs
  • Foil
  • Water


  • Ice
  • Windcover
  • Fruit
  • Soda (must be flat), wine (replacing the water)



Wash your pipe (not the hose, unless told otherwise), thoroughly. Leave to dry, then add water (or required liquid) to base, submerging up to an inch of the down-stem. Attach the parts together, ensuring an air-tight fix and test air flow.


Prepare your molasses by fluffing them into your claypot and then attach it to your pipe. Wrap your pot in foil (or use a metal cover). Poke holes through the foil.


Fire up your coal. Instant Coal? Use a lighter for 30 sec approx. Standard Coal? Use a hob for 7-9 min approx.


Place the coal onto the foil. Inhale from the hose with short, normal breaths. No smoke in the vase? Give it a few short, sharp puffs to light the molasses. Now, Enjoy!

Not detailed enough? See below

Step 1(a)

Clean the pipe. Wash to ensure a clean, flavourful smoke. Disconnect all parts, run through the water and use a small cleaning brush or wipe to ensure all areas have been cleaned. Towel-dry and air-dry. REMEMBER NOT TO WASH THE HOSE UNLESS YOU ARE TOLD IT IS WASHABLE! Wash every session, especially if you smoke different flavours, but cleaning when you see residue/when taste is different is enough.

Step 1(b)

Fill up the glass vase with cold tap water. Fill up so that the water is above the metal down-stem by 1 inch (2.5cm) or slightly more. If you need to check whether it's covered, slot the stem in (without the seal). It is so that you leave space for air, to dilute your smoke and get an easy pull, without restriction. OPTIONAL: Add ice cubes to give your smoke a cooler, thicker texture. When adding ice make sure you remove any excess water so that only 1 inch of the stem is submerged. Cut some fruit and add for a lovely taste and display!

Step 1(c)

Get the Shisha stem, and screw in the down-stem (small metal rod) underneath the bottom of the pipe if not already in. Then, attach the rubber seal to the bottom of the stem and insert the shaft into the glass base. Make sure you get an airtight fit, otherwise your smoke may get thin and difficult to draw. If the rubber piece is causing difficulty, wet it with a little water or dish soap to lubricate the surface.

Step 1(d)

Add the ashtray, claypot and hose. Slot the ashtray onto the top of the stem until it sits straight, then attach the grommet. Also attach the hose (at correct end) to your pipe, making sure the grommet is also within the hose input. Check air flow by placing your hand over the top of the shisha stem and block air from entering. Try to inhale, if you can pull any air then the connection isn't airtight so make sure all fixtures and fittings are tight and closed.

Step 2(a)

Tear open your molasses/flavour(s). Stir within the packet as the liquids may settle. Then break up the shisha by fluffing or even chopping them and lightly placing into your claypot/clay bowl. Press down lightly to make a flat layer but try not to compress the shisha as you want air to flow through so keep it loose. Fill the bowl to the top but leave around 2mm of space above so that you don't get a burnt layer when the coal is added.

Step 2(b)

Cover your claypot/bowl with foil. If you have a metal screen, just place that over the shisha and move to the next step. Cut and lay a piece of heavy-duty foil FLAT over the pot. Then, using your fingers, crimp down the edges of the foil by the rim, ensuring the top of the foil is completely flat and the foil is secure around the pot. If you have thin foil, it may be worth doubling up in layers. Now place your pot onto your shisha stem via a grommet, ensuring a tight fit.

Step 2(c)

Poke holes through the foil with the puncher attached to the tongs. Try to add small but multiple holes and keep testing air flow by drawing from the hose. Any trouble? More holes. Some also like to poke a hole all the way through, though we wouldn't recommend as your shisha should already be loosely packed.

Instant coal? follow 3(a)... Standard? Follow 3(b)

Step 3(a)

Use your tongs to hold one of the coals in a clean, free, non-flammable area. Light with a lighter until the coal stops smoking. Wait until whole coal is covered with light grey ash and glows slightly orange.

Step 3(b)

Heat directly on a stove flame or hob using tongs, making sure no ash can fall into gas line or on glass stoves. After 7-12 minutes the coal should be glowing orange, therefore ready to place on your shisha.

(Instant coals are convenient, but don't provide the best smoke, we recommend using our natural coconut coals if possible)

Step 4(a)

Transfer your coals onto the shisha. Place your coals evenly around the ring of your bowl, maybe even slightly hanging over the edge. Don't pile your coals in the centre, that can char the molasses and create a harsh smoke. Let it warm for around 3 minutes before you start smoking.

Step 4(b)... Finally!

Once you've left the bowl to warm up, inhale through the hose. Your breath will pull in air past the coals, causing them to heat up and heat your molasses. Pull with short, normal breaths. Remember to smoke at a relaxed rate, giving time for the shisha to cool aswell. If no smoke appears in the vase, inhale with a series of short, sharp puffs to light the molasses. If you have a windcover, place that over your bowl and you're ready to smoke!

That's all folks! All tips, tricks and help can be found at our  FAQs. If you still can't find your answer,  contact us and we will be happy to help!

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