Dear valued member of the CloudKings, Thank you for your interest in our Ambassador Program. There are very few positions available, this keeps our offer exclusive and makes sure that those who take on our responsibilities reap our rewards.

Upon successful application, our ambassadors can look forward to the luxuries of our company, including:

  • Free items, You will receive products and samples as we receive them to test and keep
  • You will also receive personal products and exclusives, they won't be sold
  • A personal discount code for you and your family (and Free Shipping, always), you won’t find a better price for quality anywhere else
  • Access to our exclusive partner deals and contacts, gain access to the best prices and services
  • Invites to our private events and parties, if we are in your town/city be sure that something is going down and your name is on the guestlist
  • Custom branded apparel, clothes, cards, tech. Get your name and our brand together and show everyone where your loyalties lie
  • Your own personalised page on this website (it's all yours), talk about what you like or promote your social media, it's your canvas
  • Business insight, got ideas or queries as to how we work? Talk to us
  • Work experience, being an Ambassador for us is a job! We can provide references from our director(s) upon request

This offer is only available to those who are willing to work for it. We want to target those who have a creative potential, focused mindset and good work ethic. We expect our ambassadors to:

  • Be creative writers! We have a blog which we would like you to upkeep. Make it your creative canvas and help to bring our customers (especially those who are new to the hobby) a friendly and professional insight. Tips? Tricks? Crazy Stories? Surprise us.
  • Promote us! You will have a discount code to offer to your potential customers, and we will provide any material you may need to advertise the brand
  • Customer Feedback! Talk to customers we have already supplied, and tell us what they want. We need to keep adapting, and adhereing to the ever changing consensus.
  • Wear the brand! Make use of our resources, ones we provide upon request and those that are readily available
  • Learn the brand, the products, become a human FAQ section so customers can turn to you for any queries or questions
  • Quality test our services/products, including the website and our never ending policies and terms, products we sell or are considering, also to offer us advice on potential stock


The list goes on, but the qualities we are looking for are not quantifiable or descriptive... we urge you to just apply and await an outcome. Don't think this offer doesn't match your skillset, We plan on teaching everything you need to know! You never know, you may just end up with an offer the next day (that would be us by the way, not some random PPI caller, incase you had that thought in 2017).


Send in your CVs, Personal Statements, Portfolios, whatever best describes you and your work to: Make sure you title the email "Ambassador Application" to make sure we process it as efficiently as possible.


Join us, change your life and millions of others.